Hayden IR is a premier investor relations consulting firm, connecting undervalued emerging growth companies with institutions, hedge funds, independent portfolio managers, buy-side and sell-side analysts, retail brokerage firms and accredited individual investors. Hayden’s team of IR professionals draw from “Wall Street,” finance, agency and media backgrounds and continuously strive to maximize the ongoing corporate visibility and market capitalization of clients though a comprehensive, multi-tier proactive program. We always put our clients in front of investors who can take action immediately, not when the client is larger or further along the corporate lifecycle. Over time, we help our clients navigate up the Wall Street food chain, broadening their audience. Hayden also consistently adds to its database, from online tools and conferences. We build relationships, one at a time, so there is a history and an understanding of each contact; it’s not just a name in the database. The Hayden IR team brings dozens of years of collective experience and brings a range of expertise to the benefit of our clients.


Our senior team works
directly with clients

Each client works directly with our senior team. Each member of the Hayden team has at least 10 years investor relations experience and we limit our client base to ensure that clients directly benefit from senior-level expertise and unrivaled focus. In addition, our entire organization shares a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, products, fundamentals and market opportunity. We provide clients with timely intelligence regarding how they are perceived by the investment community and deliver advice that is based on constant interaction with existing shareholders, as well as a rigorous understanding of SEC regulations and macro economic trends.

Investor Relations Defined

Simply put, your shareholders’ current satisfaction is based on:

Fair Valuation = Performance – Expectations + Perception

It is critical to set and then exceed expectations, and collectively, Hayden and our clients work tirelessly to manage those expectations on an ongoing basis. We accomplish this by combining the disciplines of communication and finance:

  • Developing a corporate image for our clients.
  • Defining reasonable expectations, and creating a strategy to convey these expectations to The Street.
  • Selecting and refining a target audience.
  • Contacting appropriate analysts, fund managers, investment professionals and accredited investors.
  • Disseminating timely information and providing consistency with respect to our clients’ future growth prospects and financial forecasts.
  • Providing actionable feedback to our clients.

In cooperation with management, Hayden IR will develop a comprehensive investor relations program which greatly improves the public image by clearly articulating our client’s key investment attributes, strategic direction and financial expectations.

How will we accomplish this goal?

Hayden IR implements a comprehensive, customized approach which concisely communicates the historic performance, strategic vision, reputation, and competitive strengths of each client. To achieve a premium valuation, it is essential to consistently review the competitive landscape and differentiate the unique, cutting-edge offerings of clients, be it a product, technology, or service. Hayden IR proactively articulates each client’s “message” and inherent value proposition to key decision makers within the professional investment community.

We continuously follow up and gather feedback from new and current shareholders, which continually improves the ongoing market perception of our clients.

Our programs are uniquely tailored to manage the Street’s perception of your company, as well as current expectations, so you can focus solely on performance. We combine traditional analysis tools with investor sentiment measures to take the guesswork out of the valuation equation.

We give the client direct access to our established relationships – Hayden IR has built confidence in the marketplace and can provide access to the right investment professional at the right time in a client’s evolution.

Campaign components


In today’s market, many investment professionals require a face-to-face meeting to gauge a management team prior to investment. Our role is critical due to the time-intensive nature of this campaign element. Maximizing management’s time – we lay the groundwork by ensuring clients are meeting with the right audience and that each contact has the ability to take action if due diligence is favorable.



For most small-cap and micro-cap companies, the audience of potential investors is limited and accessing them can be challenging. Each company is competing with thousands of other investment opportunities. Finding the proper balance of retail and institutional investors, accessing the right investor at the right time, and making sure your “pitch” mirrors the unique approach of each investor is critical to attracting long-term shareholders, creating reasonable liquidity and driving shareholder value. Targeting the right investor requires more than a robust database. If you really want to discover likely investors, identifying other similar companies they hold isn’t enough. You have to get behind what makes them want to buy and what causes them to sell. Who at the firm is really behind the position? Is the position influenced primarily by analysts (internal or sell-side) opinions? Is the decision-making based solely on quantitative screens? Is the portfolio manager a stock-picker?

Hayden focuses on identifying generalist investors for each client’s stock. We prioritize these investors using the following criteria:

  • A track record of similar investments made or added to in the past six months. Significant levels of purchasing power.
  • A high level of pre-qualified interest based on telephone conversations.
  • And most important: a history with, and an understanding of, the investor, based on interactions between that investor and previous Hayden IR clients.

This outcome of this exhaustive research becomes a highly targeted list of potential investors with a high likelihood of interest. We then make introductions, cultivate the interest, and arrange for face-to-face or conference call meetings. Finally, we prepare management for this interaction, making sure the client understands the important criteria each contact will utilize in the evaluation. This approach has been proven to deliver results in the short-term (higher quality meetings for management), as well as over the long-term (liquidity, a diverse shareholder base and improved valuations.)


Our communications professionals utilize expertise in marketing and financial analysis work to create clear and concise communications, carefully linking management’s key messages with the expectations of the intended audience. Hayden will help you craft a story that establishes common ground with investors by first answering critical questions:

  • What are the primary expectations investors currently have for your company?
  • Are there any misconceptions about your company within the marketplace?
  • What are the metrics and perceptions which may create the basis for your next generation of shareholders?

We utilize the answers from these important questions, along with decades of expertise in marketing, positioning, and corporate communications, to create messages and collateral that will create value in the marketplace. Including:

  • Corporate fact sheet.
  • Interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Design, printing and mailing of investor packages.
  • Corporate press releases.
  • Quarterly Conference Calls.
  • Investor database management.
  • Knowledgeable representatives to personally take investor calls.
  • Lead management for brokers.
  • Website design.
  • Annual and Quarterly interim reports (electronic and print).
  • Crisis management.
  • Follow up, update, and additional follow up.

The goal of Hayden IR is to represent a select group of exceptional companies and to collaborate with management to secure premium valuations for our clients. We act as a valuable resource for investment professionals and provide direct feedback to our customers about how their actions, statements and performance are perceived by the investment community. We then work directly with clients to address any investor concerns and improve perceptions while communicating the key investment thesis for each client.









The breadth and depth of our expertise has allowed us to see everything that can happen to an emerging growth company. From issues with auditors to crisis communications to short-term performance stumbles, to M&A activities, we've seen it all. Our clients quickly learn to see Hayden IR as an extension of their senior management team, reaching out to us early when contemplating strategic initiatives.

  • Brett Maas

    managing partner

    Prior to joining Hayden IR, Brett worked at a Southwest-based Investor Relations Firm and as a licensed broker in the securities industry. Brett has an extensive network of contacts in the [...]

  • Jeff Stanlis

    Partner and Vice President, Communications

    Jeff brings a dozen years of corporate communications and marketing experience to Hayden, as well as a dozen years experience as a professional reporter for a variety of major metro daily [...]

  • Rob Fink

    Executive Vice President and General Manager

    Mr. Fink joins Hayden IR after more than five years serving, most recently as Managing Director of the Investor Relations practice of KCSA Strategic Communications. Previously, Fink was a [...]

  • Cameron Donahue

    Partner and Regional Vice President

    Cameron has been an important contributor to Hayden since joining the firm in 2000 after obtaining a degree in Finance from Coastal Carolina University’s Wall College of Business [...]

  • James Carbonara

    Partner, IR Strategy & Operations

    James joined Hayden IR from an Investor and Public Relations firm in New York, where he served as Vice President. Before that he was an officer of an $800M division of Capital One Bank. [...]

  • Lori Happe

    Senior Communications Associate

    Lori has more than 10 years of investor relations and capital markets experience, primarily in the IT Services sector. Most recently, she served as a key spokesperson for a NYSE Fortune [...]

  • Todd M. Pitcher

    Senior Consultant

    Todd has 20+ years’ experience in the financial services industry. He brings substantial value to our clients in strategic and SEC advisory capacities, and has served in Director and [...]

  • Jennifer Heady


    Before joining Hayden IR more than seven years ago, Jennifer was employed with IBM for five years. At IBM, she was an administrative assistant, supporting multiple management-level [...]

  • David Fore

    Director of Research

    Dave has worked as a senior Wall Street investment research professional for the past decade. Dave worked initially at Bear Stearns in New York as a senior sell-side equity research analyst [...]

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